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Hello And Welcome Readers, Friends, And Family…

Hello and Welcome To My Blog Visitors,

Now that I have written my story as a memoir of War & Life, I want others to know a little more about where you can now connect with me, share your thoughts of my book, or after reading “The Chocolate Bar,”  if you have any questions for me of my life journey in words. My book is available on Amazon here:  ~ also on Barnes & Noble:

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. My Book “The Chocolate Bar”

My blog here is where I continue to share my book, my life, and what ever happens to be on my mind at the time….LOL.
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Here is what my book is about. I have seen, lived through, and now have written in my own words what it was like as a child on the frontlines of the battlefields of World War 2….

“With no point of reference for a life of “normalcy,” seeking acceptance and security in a country not accommodating to immigrants, the author relied only on survival instincts, leading to her years of co-dependency, self-doubt, and utter despondency. She finds herself seeking refuge in controlling religious factions and abusive relationships. This life struggle reminds her constantly of her experiences in WWII where she spent her first six years on the front lines in Russia and as a refugee in Hitler’s Germany.”
Her lullabies were the sounds of gunfire and exploding bombs. Her arrival at Ellis Island was promised to be the beginning of freedom; instead, it was only the continuation of abuse and control—intimate and personal relationships of psychological warfare. This is a compelling account of life as it was back “then” and how this child of war endured as she did, blossoming into a young woman, in a new land called America. A life’s journey, as told by the author with such honesty, innocence, joy, humor, lessons and revealing horrors and sins; is it any wonder how this broken soul did in fact, survive.

I hope you will order a copy today! I am so proud to be an American…

Much Happiness,
Author, Agathe von Kampen  (Turrell)


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