Surprise Gift

12 Sep

Last Tuesday was one of those days that presented itself with joy and sadness simultaneously.  Bad news first, right ?  At our monthly Stonecroft Women’s Ministry luncheon we were informed that this was the last meeting of the Grants Pass group.  That is going to be a great loss for those of us who remember years of fellowship with the sisters.  But that is progress – the younger generation of women have various different interests then fancy lunches.  And that is how it should be.  We need the independence of providing ourselves with the things that are important to each one individually.  For me personally the connection was somewhat different then most of the others.  I was given the opportunity to travel around the country being one of their speakers when the first release of my book “When The War is Over” was released and again when the second publication of my autobiography, now titled “The Chocolate Bar” came out last year.  Many ladies who had purchased the books became e-mail friends and it warmed my heart to see the empathy they showed concerning my eventful life – eventful as in suffering as opposed to success or happiness.

The second thing – the good thing, that happened at the luncheon blew me away.  One of the ladies had just returned from a trip to Israel and brought me a present.  Now, mind you this is not a close friend, just a fellow Stonecroft acquaintance.  I really like her and given the right circumstances we could become friends but she is not some one who I would expect a gift from.  When my mouth dropped open at the sight of a big package of Halva (A popular sweet delicacy in the middle east)she explained:  “When I saw this available at all the stores there I remembered reading  in your book that Halva was one sweet treat you still remembered from when you were a child”.

Now, for her to buy me something that is almost impossible to find in my area of residence is astonishing enough but for her to remember one little paragraph in my book is the greatest compliment.  Something every author craves because it shows that my words made an impact – what a gift, thank you, Tina.

You never know what each new day might bring.


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