Pet Peeves

05 Sep

I was happy watching a sit com.  Here I have to stop and enlighten you young people who might be reading this.  When we older ones watch mindless T,V. it isn’t because our mental faculties are unable to enjoy the more advanced material ( In fact, I wish there were more programs containing some wisdom – or , at least more entertainment, but alas, we are stuck with what’s available ).  So, “Fill your time with something useful”, I often told my girls as they were growing up.  Good advise to teenagers with unlimited amounts of energy.  For us seniors the energy and enthusiasm goes to sleep by early afternoon – for us early risers who get their work done in the morning.  The other variety sleep til noon and become known as sundowners.  But enough about us oldsters.

Here is what I heard that, once again, prompted me to voice my disagreement – as those of you who know me – know it in my D.N.A.  “You can do anything you set your mind too”, she emphasized to a disabled child.  In my opinion she is giving the boy false hope which can only lead to emotional problems when reality sets in that he will always be in a wheel chair – so, “Anything” would include walking to a six year old.  Later on he will understand this to be a lie – the disappointment in others and distrust can do more harm then the mother foresees.  Empty words.  Yet, the long lasting effects can do life long psychological damage.

The other thing that always makes me respond to the T.V. is the commercials, about weight loss – my favorite subject since that is my curse.  “If I can do it, you can do it”  B—s—-.Everybody has a different metabolism.  Some people respond to one diet, others to a different approach, and still others find it impossible to loose weight.  No matter what they try and saying things like that to a person will only heap guilt on their already overweight body.

I could go on with many examples but I am sure you get my implications.  Now it is my turn to take my own advise and mind my own business and let the advertisers and sit com writers do theirs.

BUT minding our own business is very difficult for us seniors to do – after all, our gray heads are filled with wisdom, right ?

Thanks for listening.  




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One response to “Pet Peeves

  1. Don Wood

    September 5, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    I have finally figured out how to lose weight!!!!!! Eat only Paleo food sources. It is working for me . . . down twenty pounds now after gaining continuously for years, even at 900 calories a day. FIST PUMP! Read two books: “Wheat Belly” and “The Paleo Answer”. It makes so much logical sense. No starving yourself, just limit your food sources to the correct ones.

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