22 Aug

Miracles come in many different forms.  In my little world the miracle a couple of days ago came disguised in the field of electronics.  Yes, those of you who know me will say “No way” because you know how much I loathe anything that is not human.  But here is an example of how things can change in an instant – and that includes humans.

For nine months I have lived with extreme anxiety over my one and only grand daughter expecting her second baby – mostly, my concern was over her mother – my daughter who has been the reason for my living since she made her appearance – well, I will just say some time ago since quoting women’s age is considered forbidden now-a-days (but just so you know, Doreen, I remember how long ago that was), anyway, ever since that very second my world has revolved around her – she has been  my reason for living.  And I know that her relationship with her daughter is the same.  

Now, the reason for my concern is that my grand daughter has some medical problems that could put her in jeopardy in case something would go wrong during delivery – and I was fully prepared to get on the very next plane in that event.

Now to the new found love for electronics – from hundreds of miles away I was kept in the loop via phone, cell phone, text, e-mail and, most of all the instant photos.  Sheer euphoria when I saw that perfect little boy just seconds after he made his appearance – with no problems.  What a miracle – to see it all happening with so much distance between us.  Once I relaxed that all chance of danger was in the past my thoughts brought me to the real miracle – that a new little human could enter the world just like that – one breath of air bringing forth a cry of life and that little person knew immediately what to do – put his little thumb in his mouth and become a man.  Of course that will take time but he has all the makings to be one.

A miracle indeed. 


One response to “Miracles

  1. Marion Turrell

    August 22, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    That’s my wife, and we both prayed about this new human to come into the world without any problems. Just wish the world was the same.



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