Pleasant surprise

08 Aug

More about my fall.  Having to rest when, I feel, I should be working is the ultimate punishment for me.  I enjoy being productive but, I guess, I need to learn to be content with just being at times since my age will require this more as I climb the senior ladder.  Maybe that’s why the universe/God allowed this accident to happen.

At any rate, the other day, since I can’t sew, read or do anything else that requires glasses which I don’t have now – and could not wear on my sore face if I did have them, I decided to sit on my sun porch and listen to my CDs.  Now you may picture a beautiful view to enjoy – not so.  I live in a wonderful senior park but the houses are very close together and the only view to be enjoyed is the carport next door.  In this room, in a comfortable chair is where I keep my CD player with my German CDs since no one else enjoys listening to foreign music I keep them isolated – for private moments.

I was just getting into my favorite Strauss waltzes (after all, I am German) when I noticed a bluebird fly in and perch on a straggly  branch of our only tree in the yard.  It may not have been an official “Bluebird” but it was a pretty little bird that was blue.  He sat there a while and then started dancing – yes, dancing.  He kept perfect time to the melody and sat still between the songs.  I am sure his movements were totally intentional.  

What a show – the unexpected events always seem to be more impressive on one’s  emotions.  It made my day – and I learned another good lesson – slowing down and listen to the music in life is as productive as going to work, cleaning house or knitting a sweater.

Who was that little bird anyway ?



2 responses to “Pleasant surprise

  1. Don Wood

    August 8, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    I love it! And bluebirds are special creatures, too!


  2. Marion Turrell

    August 9, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    Agathe, sure has been missing her glasses after the fall she took 2 weeks ago. The story that she wrote about yesterday just is her style of writing. She can take a little thing that she sees and write a story about it, and the “Pleasant surprise” is an example of that.



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