Beauty from tragedy

05 Aug

I have been enjoying the spectacular sunsets lately.   When I see the intense colors I am reminded that many people are suffering because of the fires that are raging through southern Oregon during this present heat and the vast forests being destroyed along with so many homes.  Homes that were built with so much love and hope for the future.  During a time of loss and suffering it seems impossible to look forward to good times again.  And yet, that’s what happens.  I know from experience.  When I grew up during WWII, first in Russia and then in Germany I did not expect life ever to be different then suffering and death, for that was the only life I knew.  In fact, at a very tender age of six or so I wished many times to be dead.  When I saw the dead people they looked so still and peaceful, unlike the wounded who bled and cried.  Death seemed to be the only way out.    Now, I am happy that I didn’t die at that time.  I have had many years of peaceful life in America.  Still, in my personal life there seemed to be nothing but turmoil and fear until now, in my senior years I can enjoy all the wonderful things I longed for.

So here is my sympathy to all of you who are effected by the fires and other uncontrollable circumstances.  You will survive – and, life might even throw you a few unexpected surprises.

I am sending you my best wishes – have courage.


One response to “Beauty from tragedy

  1. Marion Turrell

    August 5, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    Its that time of the year when the thunder storms send lighting down to earth, and since we have not had very mush rain, the ground is very dry and don’t take very much to start a fire. That is really God way to clear the forest out of dried brush. Its to bad that we people have a desire to live in the forest and getting back to nature. The people who are burnt out always say they will re-build.



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