Lesson learned

01 Aug

Back to my fall lat Saturday – the rest of the story.  As the day wore on the pain increased to the point where I didn’t care what I looked like “just make it stop” was my prayer.  The next morning I did not recognize my face – neither did anyone else.  Of course, these things always happen on the weekends when the doctors are playing golf ( just kidding, I know they need time off too ).  By Monday I did not have to be persuaded to try to see my doctor – impossible – all booked up – “Go to the emergency” was the advise.  There I received a nice sermon from the attending doc. about how I should have come in immediately when they could have at least stitched up the cut above my eye.  By now it was healing on it’s own and would leave less of a scar then if he opened it to stitch it up.  By now I humbly agreed to a cat scan to rule out any fractures.  Unbelievable that there weren’t any – just a severe concussion – “And you drove yourself home, even though you felt dizzy” ? Was the question with a statement accompanied with a shake of his head “Do you have any idea how you put others on the road in danger”?

Now, I would like to say in my defense that I am a very rational person who is known for making sound judgments – and that brings me to the lesson I learned – about what to do when you witness an accident of any type.  This is what I will do in the future when I am the witness.  Know that the person with an injury is not rational.  Call for help – be that a person of their choosing or 911 and stay with the injured person until help arrives – don’t rely on their judgement.  Then give them your name and phone number on a piece of paper that they can refer to when the time comes where information is needed – don’t wait to be asked.  The person is in pain and won’t think about it.

I was left to sit in the chair somebody guided me to until I decided to go home – my thought process was unreliable.

Lesson learned – to be remembered forever.


One response to “Lesson learned

  1. Marion Turrell

    August 1, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Sometime’s my wife is hard headed and when she finally on Monday we went to the doctor’s to get her checked out. I was sure glad as I was worried about he and what was that her eye and head was her main hurt. She got a good going over and came out with a good bill of health, no broke bones. There is a golden Angles that has been looking after Agathe and thank God.



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