15 Jul

We were having a nice dinner in an upscale restaurant with friends.  Good food, nice atmosphere and uplifting conversation when the all familiar feeling of depression slowly swallowed up my usual optimistic mood.  And why ?  Because I counted up the calories I had consumed and anticipated the plus figure on the scale the next morning.  Why was I cursed to have a weight problem, I asked myself for the upteenth time in my adult life.

The first ten years I lived with almost constant hunger pangs as I struggled to survive on the front lines of WWII (as you can read in The Chocolate Bar by Agathe von Kampen ).  When the official from the American Occupation visited the school I was attending to determine which kids were malnourished and in need of immediate supplements I was selected to be on the receiving end.  Immediately the weight increased – but with joy I noticed that I was not a stick any more – we had never heard of a calorie – ignorance is bliss, I am now able to recite from memory every detestable calorie I consume.  But usually after the fact.  Then I get depressed, well, you recognize the symptoms.

This was a wake-up call.  My values need to be re-evaluated.  After all the years of longing to come to America, the land of plenty, including food, we had finally arrived and I am now enjoying all the things I only dreamed about.  So, am I going to let fifteen extra pounds ruin that feeling of well being ?

No way.  I will eat healthy meals and enjoy every bite and be satisfied without over doing it – I will use common sense and remind myself that the war is over.  There will be a next meal.  And stop feeling sorry for myself when I can’t eat as much as I want – be thankful for having the choice.  Now, that I have made my confession it might be easier to follow my plan – wish me luck.




One response to “Perspective

  1. marion Turrell

    July 15, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    The blog that Agathe wrote for today is very good and lately she has been showing she has a lot of will power and when we go out we normal share a meal. I have been doing a lot of help for her to lose some weight.



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