The Jersey Boys

07 Jul

Going to the movies – it’s still fun. Especially when the movie takes you back to your teen age years. I sang along with the familiar songs, thinking about the time I was 16 and singing along with the radio to keep from the familiar depression to set in. In the songs I could picture the carefree life American teenagers lived. I watched the girls skipping down the sidewalk in the afternoons when the classes at the High School around the corner ended for the day – the boys carrying their books. Their pony tails bouncing and the poodle skirts twirling with the frilly crinolines underneath.
No, I never had a poodle skirt, a pony tail or the care free spirit these girls seemed to have. I was an immigrant, trying to learn the culture, the language – and taking care of my colicky infant daughter. No, I was not a single teenage mother. I was married to a sociopath. Only I had no idea what that was. I learned pretty fast, though. To keep from becoming totally over whelmed with the craziness and the sheer responsibility of it all I lost myself in the music. Music is the same in any language – it speaks from the heart.
When I allowed myself to walk back on memory lane, listening to the happy songs of the early fifties while sitting at the theater I discovered the traumatic life of these entertainers. While they provided us with tunes to dance to they were battling all the same problems the rest of us have to deal with – only they had to smile through their tears – and perform.
Isn’t that what so many of us have to do so often – perform.
Most of the time we wear masks. The sales clerk smiles as she wishes you a good day. The nurse wears long sleeves to conceal the bruises she receives on a regular basis from the man who claims to love her. The business man closes a deal as he shakes the hand of his client, thinking about the divorce pending, the children who are expected to learn and produce passing grades while they are scared to death thinking about whether they will ever see daddy again after he walked out with a suitcase in his hand.
Masks. That’s what we hide behind to conceal our true feelings. I wish that we could all become real – maybe we could display more empathy if we were allowed to see behind the mask.
Right now I want to tell you, my friends, my honest feeling of today – I am the happiest woman alive – celebrating my second anniversary to the man I love who presented me with a two heart necklace as a symbol of his love for me. He tells me that he will love me no matter how many pounds I put on when I lament what the scale shows. He makes me feel like a princess when he makes me omelets every Saturday morning.
Love in practice and words.
My wish for all of you.


One response to “The Jersey Boys

  1. Don Wood

    July 7, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    I love it! SO true, my friend!

    I am including a list of what I have learned about my diet over the past few months. For the first time in 20 years my scale is going backwards, not higher!

    Hugs to both of you . . . Don



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