“My 1st Blog Milestone & Happy 4th Of July As An American”!

02 Jul

Hello Readers, Friends, and Family,

I happen to have a little milestone here on my blog today! And it would not have happened without all of my new friends & visitors who have graced my blog with a visit. I have reached 20+ “Likes” her on my blog!

Now I know it seems a little silly to *Celebrate*, but I really do enjoy all who come read,  show support, and comment on my blog. My story of what I went through in my long life, and now to be as HAPPY and FREE as I am today in this place called, AMERICA…..
means so very much to me. Others have no idea what it is like to be told and dictated to most all your life, from both living in a war zone, and then in domestic life.

With it coming up on “The 4th Of July” holiday, it is even more special to me as an American. Now I know what “True Freedom” means.
Thanks again for all your “visits & likes” here on my “Read The Chocolate Bar” blog, and I hope you’ll grab a copy of my book to read for the long holiday weekend, as then you’ll understand the true meaning of “Independence & Freedom”!


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2 responses to ““My 1st Blog Milestone & Happy 4th Of July As An American”!

  1. Marion Turrell

    July 3, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    I wish more American would feel life Agathe von Kampen-Turrell about America. If they would we would have a stronger America. To burn our flag is entirely wrong and when I stop to think about it, why did I serve 30+ year. I love America as much as Agathe do and I will say “GOD BLESS AMERICA”.


    • Author Agathe Von Kampen

      July 6, 2014 at 1:11 am


      I’m right along side you on this!! My father is a Vietnam Vet, and he served 25yrs in the Air Force. I think those who BURN an American Flag should be put in prison. It is a disgrace to burn a flag, especially if your an AMERICAN??

      Then they should not have the right to live her in the USA!. Catherine



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