30 Jun

Hello Dear Friends, Readers, and Visitors,

During my career I earned the reputation as being stable and dependable. I have thought about this many times, analyzing the pros and cons.

A few days ago I cut two roses to display in one of my crystal vases (I love crystal) on our dining room table. The pink one seemed to be over shadowed by the breathtakingly beautiful red one. The color was the deepest red and looked like velvet.  Every petal was perfect and it seemed to be opening up before my very eyes.  Truly magnificent. I took in its fragrant display as I retired for the night – sweet dreams were assured.  When I got up for breakfast the next day I could hardly wait to once more feast my eyes on her – yes, it was a girl rose, I’m sure.  What disappointment when I looked at that wilted ugliness in the vase.  I didn’t even pay attention to the pink rose when all I could feel was disgust at that ugliness. “One evening is all it was good for” I thought to myself as I removed it from it’s pretty glass and threw it in the trash with a vengeance.  I paid no attention to the pink one – it was, after all, the red one that had captured my admiration.

I went about my daily business disgruntled because of that episode of disappointment, thinking “how often do I let precious time go by because of a bad attitude caused by some incident not worthy of the energy expended”.

In contrast, a few days later I noticed my timid pink rose – quietly blooming its little heart out for my pleasure while I mourned the red one that had not lived up to my expectation.  Here is my object lesson.  it is easy to make a good first impression – it’s the long haul that brings either joy or sadness. During my working years I experienced this often when starting a new job.  It was my stability and consciencessness that got me the promotions – not the first impression.

Later I came to the conclusion that it is the dependability of a partner that has the most long-lasting effect on a relationship,  In the first excitement of romance it is easy to be swept off your feet by a suitor with a bouquet of red roses but it is the consistency of that same person after the boredom of every day life sets in that endures.

Thanks For Visiting,
Author, Agathe von Kampen  (Turrell)



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One response to ““Stability”

  1. Marion Turrell

    July 1, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Yes, Agathe is right when she says she loves roses, and she will go out to the rose garden and is one is showing it color she will pick it of course and put it on the table. She is my Rose and I love her for it.



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