Patriotic Flowers

20 Jun

After two years of unsuccessful attempts at growing flowers in containers my front entrance is the envy of all my neighbors.

The hanging fuchsias and geraniums are out-doing themselves and the red/white/blue petunias, geraniums lobelias look so healthy one can almost see them sprouting new buds every minute – but – yes, there is always a “But” – here is the problem.  Being the patriotic US Citizen that I am ( And I might mention here, if you read  “The Chocolate Bar” by Agathe von Kampen you will know why I am so proud of that fact ) I wanted to impress all by-passers of this fact by showing the colors of our flag in my container arrangements on the front porch.

I planned very carefully in choosing and planting the tiny starters in the right order and envisioned the finished product  as the flowers produced abundant foliage.  Every morning, when I watered them I looked for buds – and surprise, one morning there were flowers – how had I not seen them before they opened up.  Oh well, they were here and I was ecstatic.  And then they developed a will of their own.  They would bloom but not at my command.  The white petunias took over all the space.  It is hard to not admire them – big, beautiful and sooooo many of them.  Where were the red geraniums and the blue lobelias.  When I pushed aside the aggressive petunias I found them.  The geraniums were barely starting to show a little red and the lobelias tried to hide under the large geranium leaves as if they were afraid to compete with all that pure white of the petunias.

My first reaction was annoyance.  Why couldn’t they do what they were supposed to ?  I sat on the steps to analyze the situation.  My friends often advise me not to over-think things.  I might as well be ordered to stop breathing.  My thoughts brought me full circle to myself.  How often are my actions different from my intent ?  So often my fears stop me from being tenderhearted – like the lobelia.  If I shrink back will I get lost all together ?  And many times I hold back doing what I know I should be doing, showing a little color like the geraniums.  But most of the time I rush in where angels fear to tread – just like those white petunias – their color makes them look so innocent, yet they ride rough shot over the rest.

I decided to be happy to let them bloom where the are planted.  Just like we should all be willing to do for each other.

that’s my wisdom for today, my friends. 


2 responses to “Patriotic Flowers

  1. Author Agathe Von Kampen

    June 21, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    Oh my new friend,
    You have such a *Patriotic Heart*! What a fantastic idea. Wish I had a yard myself to do the same. It’s been to dang HOT here in Arizona to even plant Tumbleweeds!….LOL. We are hitting 111 on Tuesday! I want to come back to Oregon…..Hugs! Catherine


    • Author Agathe Von Kampen

      June 29, 2014 at 11:38 pm

      Hi Catherine, I have finally figured out how to retrieve the comments – thanks for your patient instructions. agathe



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