I Welcome Guest Author, “Agathe von Kampen” To My Writers Blog Today!

08 Jun

I’m happy to be the Guest Author on my good friend and fabulous Author, Catherine Lyon’s Writers Blog! So I wanted to share it with my blog friends too! Agathe…

"Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den"

Hello Readers, Friends, And New Visitors,

Today I have the honor and privilege of introducing you to a good friend of mine, who happens to be a fellow author and the best ‘Story Teller’ I know, Author Agathe von Kampen- (Turrell). S he is a delightful woman who has been through so much than any one woman should have to endure in one lifetime!  She inspires me as a writer and author truly.

We first met through our publisher, as we both are from ‘The Kodel Empire Publishing family’ in So. Oregon where she resides. I was given a copy of her current book, “The Chocolate Bar” and when I began to read it, and I seriously could not put it down.
I was so taken aback about what Agathe had gone through in her life, that I quickly learned she was one wise and a strong woman. I’m so inspired by her true…

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