My Return To Blogging The Rest Of My Story & Life Today…

05 Jun

Hello Friends & Welcome New Visitors,

When I married Marion Turrell two years ago I was the happiest bride standing in front of the pastor saying my vows – from the heart – no reading the words for us. We are senior citizens knowing the importance of honesty and being ourselves – those qualities would guide us through the rest of our lives – however long that might be.

Then as the ordinary days after the Hawaii honeymoon set in  we discovered all kinds of “stuff” about each other.  Somethings needed to be adjusted, others getting used to and still others were pleasant surprises.

One of the added unexpected benefits I inherited and am most proud of in my new better half is that he is a proud US Air Force Veteran.  My father was forced to spend hard labor time in the Siberian Goulag for refusing to serve in the Communist Red army, then fought in WW ll anyway.  Later was drafted in Hitler’s Volks Sturm and captured by the Russians, sent back to Siberia and died there.  My brother was drafted in the US Army six months after we immigrated to America, (you can read all about that in my book “THE CHOCOLATE BAR”).  He served our  new country that was to be our home with pride.  But was anxiously looking for his discharge to begin living life as a civilian in a free country.

The difference in the two men is that Marion served to protect the freedom for every one – including immigrants like us – by choice.  I owe my life to American Airmen who flew over our little villages and big cities, dropping bombs, yes, but ending a terrible war that should have never taken place.

These last couple of weeks we have heard much on the news about the VA not doing justice for our veterans, and I know first hand that this is true – Marion has been in the process of seeing a doctor to process his disability claim for almost two years but it is being processed and I am happy – why ?  Because I live in a country where freedom rings.  Yes, we need to treat our veterans with more respect and consideration – but we have the right to speak up on their behalf, as indeed we are now doing without fear of being silenced with the threat of imprisonment or worse.


Much Happiness,
Author, Agathe von Kampen (Turrell)

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One response to “My Return To Blogging The Rest Of My Story & Life Today…

  1. Author Agathe Von Kampen

    June 8, 2014 at 2:57 am

    Hello My Dear,
    I made a few changes on your blog, hope it’s OK. It seemed a bit dark, so I lightened it up a bit! Thanks for Re-Blogging my Special Guest Author post on your blog! OH…. that’s right…it’s ALL about You!….LOL. Hope I did your good? Then you were tweeted, Facebooked, LinkedIn shared, Googled+ too!

    Happy Weekend Agathe!
    Catherine 🙂 🙂



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