The rest of the story – Oct. 19th, 2013

19 Oct

I’ve missed two weeks of blogging, did any one miss me ?

I enjoyed a weekend in Madras, re uniting with all my Stonecroft sisters.  Became somewhat of a little cleebraty since most of them had purchased and read my first publication under the title “When The War Is Over” and were eager to buy the “Chocolate Bar” to give as gifts.  We all laughed together, sang, held an impromptu talent show and, yes, we cried and prayed – what a weekend.

Then, last week I was occupied with my first book signing of The Chocolate bar, and here I am with October half over, playing catch-up.

All this attention the past few weeks brings me to page 74.  It was in second grade although I had had only a few days of first grade since the schools kept getting bombed out or we had to report to yet another train station for transport to who knew where – always with gunfire behind us and the sounds of bombs falling in the back ground.  When my art work was rejected by the teacher because she felt it had been done by some one else (since I was considered a retard) my short lived fantasy of being acknowledged for something done well  only back fired when my mother agreed with the teacher and I received punishment instead.

One would think that I just gave up trying but no, perseverance seems to be my middle name.  Only after that incident I kept my accomplishments to myself and watched other children receive praise for much lesser work then I was doing in private.  As a result my self esteem, instead of developing into a strong character only convicted me of being deceitful, arrogant for believing in myself and therefore, loathing my very life.

Is it any wonder that I appreciate  the compliments I now receive for having authored a book that is capable of producing tears and other emotions in women who have lived through some of the same experiences as mine ?

Yes, there were episodes of humor in the middle of the war, on the front lines of WW2 as well as later, in the USA, learning English and getting used to new customs.

Stick with me and you may get a laugh or two along the way.

Auf Wiedersehn, Agathe 


2 responses to “The rest of the story – Oct. 19th, 2013

  1. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

    October 21, 2013 at 4:12 am

    Well, I know I myself haven’t posted a HELLO in awhile…I’ve been busy at as The October Guest Expert Blogger of Gambling Addiction! But YES, I have missed YOU!! Have a Wonderful Week Agathe 🙂


  2. agatheschocolatebar

    November 2, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Hi Catherine,
    I am still having such a hard time getting this blog thing to work for me – sorry. Hang in there and make comments when you have time so that I can practice – love you for your perseverance, Agathe



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