The Rest of the Story – Sept 7, 2013

07 Sep

The rest of the story – Sept. 7,2013
Today i will take you through pages 39 – 43 of The Chocolate Bar.
Through the experience of my friend’s death I came to the conclusion that death, not life was the desired state of being. Yet, when I was confronted with the evidence of my father most likely being dead the absolute panic of the prospect sent me back to what I was constantly being accused of by my mother – that I was totally selfish since my only concern seemed to be that I had lost the only person in the world who could love me for who I was. Death for both of us seemed to be the answer – then I heard he was not killed in the fire but was severely injured – no support now.
As we were loaded into the train under a steady stream of accusations of my insensitivity once again I was perplexed about the double standard. I was insensitive because I wanted my needs to be considered but when the soldier ripped my pet kitten out of my coat and flung it out of the train car with hateful curses it was supposed to be acceptable behavior ?
So, the difference was that you had to be powerful, like the soldiers with guns – I would grow up to be powerful, I vowed. Wrong perception. When these incidences multiply a child forms the wrong view of the world.It took me a lifetime to put things in the proper perspective.
Let’s read on then, more to come. Agathe


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