The rest of the story – Aug, 31, 2013

31 Aug

This loss of my beloved doll was just one of many losses I was to experience in the future.
But there were also a few extraordinary people and experiences in my otherwise chaotic life. One came in the person of a very kind old doctor. I guess he would have taken the place of a grandfather had he been able to stay in my life long enough – alas, it was just a very short episode of sitting on his lap, being understood by a powerful enough man who could render my mother speechless – on page 29. This is the type of experiences that seemed to be my destiny in my early years. One good thing would happen only to be followed by something worse, as it did this time with the hand grenade incident, although incident is not the correct description – it should be termed disaster, page 31.
But I persevered. I guess I should say I survived. Some time ago I read a book entitled “The Survivor Personality”, I fit the description perfectly. Many children did not survive war on the front lines but I am here to tell about it – so, read me telling about it in ‘the Chocolate bar Bar.
Talk to you next week, Agathe


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